Re:Adore was a business idea for a website and app that allowed local people to swap and sell items with each other on a local level.

The apps novel idea was that it used GPS to allow users to see items that were available at their given location, this in comparison to sites like Gumtree and Craigslist, meant that users could shop on the go and pick up things as they travelled i.e. on their way to or from work, near their relatives home, etc., rather than limiting themselves to items within their home address like these sites tend to do.

Re:Adore failed to pick up much momentum within a year despite several avenues of advertising being explored; Facebook, Bloggers, Google Ads. As such the domain name was relinquished, however is still available to use and explore here and can be download from the Google Store here.

Key Technologies:


Android App

Link: (Active at 28/12/2014)